Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Big Girl Bus Rider

My little girl just went and grew up. Her first steps onto a school bus. Wow. And now I'm a member of the PTA. Double-Wow.

All-day kindergarten has its perks - most importantly, it has taught me how much she means to me. How quickly I wished her away when I'd hear, "Mmmmmooommmmmm - I'm booored. What now?" How much I'd give to have more time with her now.

Take the time to give everyone a hug today. I couldn't wait to see her face this afternoon. Anxiety overload waiting for the bus to pull up after a long day of wondering, what is she doing? She has taken the first of many itty-bitty steps that will eventually lead to her leaving the nest. For now, at least she's still my baby birdie. I will hold onto that more now than ever.

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