Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday the 13th...what's to come?

Last night I was out with some friends and someone mentioned that today was going to be that creepy, superstitious day: FRIDAY the 13th! Yikes. I wonder does that set us up for looking at everything today through some third eye. Would we blame strange occurrences on a bout of bad luck if it were, Friday the 23rd?

We're getting ready to set out on a road trip today. Last night someone said, "Oh, boy. On the 13th? Good luck, you'll need it." Will I? I believe in the supernatural, the spirit world, but I do I believe that just because the calendar lands us on a date of the 13th we're in for a doozy of a day? Nope. The day is going to be what I make it out to be. If a black cat crosses my path I guess I can FREAK OUT or reach down and give the kitty a little pat on the back. I'm going to assume that goodness is going to fill my day. I'm hopeful for my Friday the 13th. You?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Be Still and Thankful

4 months ago we all gathered together to celebrate our independence. We're noisy and cheering with our floats and parades. Loud fireworks fill the night air. Today I am going to find that quiet place inside and just be still. Thanking and giving respect to the generations of men and women who fought for my freedoms. I am blessed, I am free to think and feel and be. I owe these men and women a world of gratitude. Find that quiet place inside and take a moment to thank them yourself. Then, thank the divine, mother earth and yourself for all that you are and can be.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

EtsyKids and Santa's Sleigh Ride Sale

Santa? Who? What? It's true. He called me yesterday. The holiday shopping season has officially begun. Visit my shop to take advantage of 10% off your entire purchase. Plus, if you spend more than $40 you'll get a free Holiday Bow Head Card. Stuff your sack for wholesome, inexpensive gifts for the kids and to-die-for paperie items for the tween to adult. Then visit the rest of the super shops participating. They've got some great offers.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Go Me. Go Me. It's my birthday. It's my birthday.

I told you I LUV birthdays. I really do embrace getting older. As long as I am wiser. If I'm like, "duh. uh. what did i learn today?" then I've got a BIG problem.

But this year, I've become wiser this past year for sure. I think though, I've become wiser in that I'm looking forward instead of behind. What a year this is going to be. I'm really looking forward to filling the days between now and my next birthday. I've got some goals. Always do. I'll post about those later.

::Drum roll please:: A giveaway for you from me. Happy Unbirthday to you!

Win a 24 piece set of custom photo cupcake toppers for your next birthday celebration.

Contest runs from now till Nov. 26th, midnight.

Here's how:

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4. Make a purchase from Kind Living Designs between now and the end of the contest (Nov. 26th) and you'll get 8 extra entries for the contest. (born on the 26 and 2+6=8, naturally). Comment here and let me know what you got and we'll keep track.

Here's to me and 2010. May we be really good friends. I hope the same
for you, too!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I can't do it all. It is impossible. I know that. I still try. Not sure why. When I do, I know I'm going to fall behind in everything. Papers that need to go back to school with the kids, missed doctor's appointment, my missing black sharpie, my favorite scissors, that file I created a week ago...all that wrapped up into my work since it all happens at home.

It is getting to be too much to run my own site. I'm thinking my future is Etsy. Check it out. I'm adding stuff slowly. I'm rethinking, baby. Feels good to embrace a different perspective. A change-up in product line. I can feel it. Maybe it is because my birthday is around the corner. (I love birthdays. luv them.) It's coming and I'm gonna welcome it.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

seriously. really. i mean it this time.

It's like yelling into a hole in the ground. "Do you hear me, do you hear me....?" If no one is reading my blog, am I really writing this to anyone at all? I think that answer is yes. Because if nothing else, I'm writing this for me. It is like one of those goals you set for yourself, knowing all too well that it isn't always going to be at the top of the priority list.

I'm gonna try harder. I am. How about you?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

4th Quarter Madness

Happy New Year! Happy Holidays! Enjoy your Turkey!

All that and more - 2009 and I haven't posted since before Thanksgiving. I hope everyone felt the love and then some throughout the holiday season.

Gonna try to post a few things that took place over 4th quarter. Have I mentioned that things got a little hectic for me?

Join me now, new posts regarding the past to follow....

Soon. I give myself permission to take at least 3 weeks. ;)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Same Stuff, Different Day least I'm on a roll here. Seems I loose touch every so many months with my postings and then ta-da, I'm back. It has only been a few weeks versus months this time around. Hoping to make it stay that way.

Life just seems so much of the same these days because I am busy! And I'm sure you are, too. It gets that way this time of year. In all this holiday-craziness, may you find moments of happiness and joy over the next several weeks. Your charge is to share it and pass it on please! This time of the year can be so stressful. It makes it so much easier when everyone just takes one extra step to be kind and respectful to one another. I definitely have to push myself to be more aware of how I handle the little bits of friction that enter my life. Hard to do, but I believe so important. And what can it hurt? Practicing kindness? I just keep practicing to be the better person I hope to be. In the end, I might eventually get there...

See you sooner than later...I think! Live kindly please.

Friday, September 19, 2008

You Gotta Love Mom

Moms are the best. At least my Mom is...big shout out to you Mom. XO XO XO

I've been coveting these boots and throwing hints galore to my Mom. Searching Ebay, the online sales. Just had to give my Mom a big thank you and hug & kiss from afar. (We live about two hours apart.) Guess who got me my lovely, super gorgeous ultra soft boots? Mommy! Thank you Mom! Love you ;)

Say hello to my new FRYE Veronica Slouch boots.

PS - That Story of Stuff issue...well, no more kids means no more pregnancies, which means no more changing shoe sizes. Hooray, they're mine forever!

Monday, September 8, 2008


So, I thought I was doing enough. Then I watched this movie. I'm not going to even try to tell you why to watch it. JUST DO IT. Watch it. Then if you have children in the house, make them watch it with you. Send it to your family and your friends. Agree or disagree. Believe it or ask lots of questions. Either way you come at is a conversation starter for sure.
More on this later...