Sunday, October 25, 2009

Go Me. Go Me. It's my birthday. It's my birthday.

I told you I LUV birthdays. I really do embrace getting older. As long as I am wiser. If I'm like, "duh. uh. what did i learn today?" then I've got a BIG problem.

But this year, I've become wiser this past year for sure. I think though, I've become wiser in that I'm looking forward instead of behind. What a year this is going to be. I'm really looking forward to filling the days between now and my next birthday. I've got some goals. Always do. I'll post about those later.

::Drum roll please:: A giveaway for you from me. Happy Unbirthday to you!

Win a 24 piece set of custom photo cupcake toppers for your next birthday celebration.

Contest runs from now till Nov. 26th, midnight.

Here's how:

1. Visit me on facebook: and become a fan. Comment here and let me know you did - that is one entry.

2. Pass the word onto your friends and have them join my page as a fan. Let me know who joined and you'll get an extra entry for the contest.

3. Visit my site or the KLD site on Etsy. Let me know what your favorite goodie is...leave it as a comment on this post. You'll get an entry.

4. Make a purchase from Kind Living Designs between now and the end of the contest (Nov. 26th) and you'll get 8 extra entries for the contest. (born on the 26 and 2+6=8, naturally). Comment here and let me know what you got and we'll keep track.

Here's to me and 2010. May we be really good friends. I hope the same
for you, too!


Jen Wolfe said...

I became a Facebook fan. :)

Jen Wolfe said...

My favorite item on your Etsy site is the Creepy Gory Monster Stories book cover (though my son is a little young for it right now).

Kristie P. said...

Awww, thanks for being my fan. :)
Get more entries for the contest by spreading the word. Have your friends become fans or visit the blog. Good luck! PS - I love my little monster. (the hand-drawn one and my 3-year-old son!)