Thursday, November 13, 2008

Same Stuff, Different Day least I'm on a roll here. Seems I loose touch every so many months with my postings and then ta-da, I'm back. It has only been a few weeks versus months this time around. Hoping to make it stay that way.

Life just seems so much of the same these days because I am busy! And I'm sure you are, too. It gets that way this time of year. In all this holiday-craziness, may you find moments of happiness and joy over the next several weeks. Your charge is to share it and pass it on please! This time of the year can be so stressful. It makes it so much easier when everyone just takes one extra step to be kind and respectful to one another. I definitely have to push myself to be more aware of how I handle the little bits of friction that enter my life. Hard to do, but I believe so important. And what can it hurt? Practicing kindness? I just keep practicing to be the better person I hope to be. In the end, I might eventually get there...

See you sooner than later...I think! Live kindly please.

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