Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Baby Steps

Big dreams, big plans...they all start from something very small. Being kind to people - that is a tall order. So challenging in today's world. I'm not sure where I got this kindness bug. Maybe it was because I was teased growing up, but who wasn't? But you know, I didn't turn around and tease someone else. I learned pretty early that teasing other people didn't make me feel any better. And I learned that forgiving someone can be absolutely freeing, for yourself, not necessarily for them. That I didn't have to worry about what Jenny L. was going to say to me in the locker room in 7th grade - if I just forgave her for anything that came out of her mouth, it didn't hold so much weight.

So my big dream, passing the karma 'round, is going to start out small. In my own tiny way I hope I can create a bit of happiness for someone else. I hope too, that it will help me to stay on track. I find that I am able to pass out kindness easily to strangers, but to my husband who might come home grumpy or my children who, bless them, might just whine MOMMY! one too many times, kindness can be fleeting. I am past reaching for it and for a moment, I forget how much I love them. For me this site will serve to be a reminder that I must practice what I preach, that I am a model for my children. If I want them to grow up as kind and considerate individuals, then I must somehow show them the way.

I hope you join me in this venture....oh yeah, and please excuse my self-promotion. Maybe you'll like my shop of goodies, buy something for someone you know and in the end, make them smile. :)

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