Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Celebrate Mommy Earth!

I hope everyone found their own way to celebrate Mommy Earth today! E found her own way to celebrate. We're going to post her beautiful banner at home in the hallway as a constant reminder to be good to our planet.

I work part-time at our local Planetarium. How many people get to a) say that they have a local planetarium and b) get the chance to operate one? I never found Science to be that interesting as a child - I was an English major. Biology who? But, I took astronomy in college and now as an adult with small children I watch the star shows in awe. We have a lovely planet. Please let's take care of her. But most importantly, let's TEACH our children to take care of her. After all, it belongs to them now, right?

I was doing some work for an eco-friendly online boutique that will soon start to sell my stationery (yeah!) and found a quote to use that I've just fallen in love with:

Take Nothing But Pictures.
Leave Nothing But Footprints.
Kill Nothing But Time.

Grand in theory, I know. But if you just try to put a little of that into practice each day - imagine what we can accomplish!

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