Monday, April 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Sweet Pea

Hey, check it out...I'm getting better at this posting thing. Or at least it hasn't been over a month since my last ramblings!

My little sweet pea turned five this past week and seems like the whole family is on a sugar-high. I am an adult who still LOVES birthdays. I love the whole lightness of the heart, the smiles, the special moments that take place on a birthday. I totally believe in birthday weeks, even birthday months. And as long as I can look back and know that I am not only one year older, but one year wiser, then bring them on!

My daughter is ga-ga for Alice in Wonderland which is fun, because I, too, am a huge fan. We had ourselves a grand 'ol Mad Hatter Unbirthday-Birthday Tea Party. So, so fun!

She decided this year that she didn't want boys at her party. Isn't 5 a little young to decide that? I was a little sad. She has so many good friends that are boys - I kept trying to coax her into it. But, I was told that, "boys don't like to sit still and talk and drink tea." Hmmm... 14 little girls together for 2 hours - sitting still and talking? What do you think?!

We had such a great time decorating and I could make all my favorite little favors for them! What was really cool was the fact that I got to work with my daughter. Usually she's watching me create for someone else. This time, it was all for her and that made me so happy.

I am so lucky to have the opportunity to experience motherhood. I am so lucky to have a little girl that every day challenges me to be a better person. I have to work really hard at patience and sometimes I think it is her teaching me instead of the other way around.


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