Thursday, March 27, 2008

how do they do it?

It has been a long time since I last left a post. A long time. Maybe a month. I've visited the page maybe twice, maybe three times at most and sort of sat with it. Then within an instant the phone would ring, the kids would walk in or mostly late at night, I just was too tired. I'm not sure how the people who I check visit with everyday (take a look at some of my links to the right) do it. Are they just not reading anyone else's blog? Is that it? But that is my fun time. It is sort of like reading the novel I'm never able to get to. I get to glimpse into all kinds of people who fascinate me, make me laugh, make me think, make me cry.

Are they not watching tv? Because I'm a tv girl when it comes to certain shows. I'll always be doing something - usually making product for my shop, sometimes doing laundry...but I can't miss them. I can get absolutely glued to the tv.

And yet, I have so many things I want to start, move forward on, finish. But I don't want to hurry through these things. My little ideas, little projects. I want to do them right the first time. Not really a perfectionist, if on the first go around, something doesn't work that is ok. It is more about wanting to think it through and look at it from all angles that keeps everything at arms length. I just gotta' dig in. I just gotta' get up and go.

So, I'm hoping from this point forward that I get up and go with this blog and the little ideas behind it. No one is even reading this blog yet - I think maybe 3 people have seen it (family that I said you must take a look!) but it is a promise to myself. ;)

From my craziness to yours, I hope everyone is well. Or well enough as can be. Isn't that in the end, all we can ask?

*By the way, I was able to make this post because LOST was a rerun tonight.

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daisyjanie said...

Hey KP!
Good post. I saw some funny notecards on etsy that said, "Lost is on hiatus...I guess I have time to write you a note." I got a few extra things in last night b/c of the repeat, too.

I think the biggest help for me was that I stopped trying to do "it all" at once, whatever "it all" is. Breaking things down was the only way to go for me.

Keep at it!!!!! Things will fall into place.