Friday, May 9, 2008

My First "Tag"

I'm not new to the blog world as a reader. I hardly ever get to my books because I'm elbow-deep in reading my "stack" of blogs. There are so many new ideas, new theories, new friends out there. I find it all positively fascinating.

But, this is the first time I've been "tagged" as they say in the world of blogging. I'm happy to say that it was a good friend who did the tagging. I was tagged by Jan D. of Daisy Janie and Scoutie Girl and here are my rules to follow: link back to the person who tagged you, post these rules on your blog, share five unimportant things about yourself and tag three people at the end of your entry.

Things unimportant about me:
1. I love Havaiana flip-flops (slim style is the best) and Converse sneakers.
2. Originally from MD, college in SC, living in PA. I have found that I am a southern gal at heart. I will return one day (wouldn't it be glorious if I returned to live in Charleston, SC! Ah, to dream!)
3. I never turn off my cell phone for fear of never finding it. I misplace it daily and need to call it to figure out the last place I stashed it.
4. Camelot is my favorite Broadway soundtrack. Probably because if I could, I'd love to live one day during the days of knights, chivalry and dragons. (I'm not stupid, one day would probably be way more than enough! I do love some of my 20th Century modern day conveniences!)
5. My secret wish is to be in a band one day. I really would love to play bass.

My three tags - this part is hard, while I read many, I have few friends who blog, mostly my online gal-pals are from my retail life...Dawn from Pink with Sparkles, Heather from Mom In the Know and Lisa (and Bobbie) from Girl-Indie (who probably don't have the time to play this little game...we'll see!)

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daisyjanie said...

I could totally see you in a band in your Converse sneakers!!! I wish I could live in Walnut Grove with the Ingalls family...