Monday, May 12, 2008

Notes of Hope for Rwanda

As I mentioned in our last post, my daughter and I were going to contribute to Jen's cause (visit through Krystyn Heide's ( Hope Notes project. Each little note contains an encouraging, hopeful message meant to boost young girl's self-esteem and interest in a future of possibilities. Close to my heart and my passion (girl's self-esteem or lack of and why) I was so excited to be a part of the larger whole.

We chose three of the different sayings, this one above was one of my favorites.
"Rwandanese girls, stand up and learn! Love school. School is real life!"

This one Miss E designed. This was her favorite:
"Girls, don't listen to anything that can discourage you. You can do everything!"

We also chose one other phrase, "Rwandanese girls, you are the power behind your country. Someone who learns is the one who knows best. American girls are supporting you!"

After chatting for a bit, we decided that maybe we should print up some blank ones to send to the girls with a pack of crayons. After all, shouldn't they get a chance to color their own card and perhaps pass it on?

If you'd like to learn more about Jen's trip and her hopes in helping Odette (a refugee woman who still has two girls in Rwanda) please visit:

A big thank you to Ms. Meghan and her two girls, Miss H and Miss A for helping us with our Hope Notes!

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daisyjanie said...

This look great, KP!!! So glad you could put your heart and creativity into this!